Menu à la Carte


Pickled eggs

Served with rye bread
kr. 35

Maple-glazed Bacon

5 rashers fried in maple syrup and sprinkled with chilli
kr. 35

Skudens fries

Made of fresh potatoes, served with our tatardip
kr. 35

Starters - as fine as Scotland

Flat bread

Freshly baked homemade bread topped with goatcheese & walnuts toped with freshly grilled asparagus and honey
kr. 89

Tuna Tatar

Finely chopped Line-cought tuna turned in soy, ginger,lime & sesamy

kr. 79

Grilled asparagus

Shotly grilled Danish asparagus with serano ham and ourown ramsons mayo
kr. 79

Main courses

Tuna Salad

light grilled line-cought tuna, dipped in sesamy, on a crisp green salad
kr. 89


Oven baked cod, topped with lime panko. Served with danish potatos, grilled cabbage and butter sauce
kr. 179

The captains omelette

Potatoes, tomato, chives and dark rye bread. Topped with bacon,
dipped in maple syrup and chilli
kr. 99

Fish n’ Chips

Traditional battered cod and homemade fries, malt vinegar,
tartar sauce, green pea and herb purée.
kr. 135

Beef pattie

served with giant capers, pickled onions and beets, poached egg and horse radish mayonnaise
kr. 135

Sirloin steak

On sour dough bread slice, served with giant capers,
Pickled onions and beets, poached egg and horse radish mayonnaise.
kr. 199

Matey chicken

Danish chicken breast, with souffle under the crisp skin. Served with danish potatoes and a green salad
kr. 179



From the Australien Sailor. With fresh fruits. Classic Australian merengue and fruit dessert.
kr. 55

Lemon Pie - from the english sailor

A really fresh and sour lime pie served with vanilla ice-cream
kr. 55

Gateau Marcel

From the French sailor. The ultimate chocolate dessert. It is topped
with chocolate mousse
kr. 55

Local farmers icecream

A farmer from this region producces
icecream from the milk of his own cows - 38,-
kr. 38

Kids menu

Fresh pasta

With a homemade bolognese
kr. 55

Fish Fingers

Served with homemade fries
kr. 55

Each Thursday

Every Thursday at 6pm we Barbeque

Fish, Chicken, Meat, salads, potatoes, dressings and dips.
Please note that the kitchen closes at 4pm on thurdays.
kr. 199

Opening hours

Thursday - Sunday11.20am - 10pm

Kystvej 55, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark - Phone: +45 88 44 11 77
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